By default, all vendors have the following shipping types enabled. When you create a product, you will need to pick a single shipping method.

No shipping Class – Defaults to $6.50 shipping flat rate
Flat Rate ($6.50 and $12.00) in the United States
Local Delivery (free and $5 for Greenville, TX)
Included Delivery – you added the delivery cost to your product price
Local Pickup (free)

Additional shipping types can be added by an admin. Please use the form below to request a custom shipping type that works for your business, if any of the above options won’t work for your business.

Whichever option you select below, please add in the custom shipping cost for each type in the message section.

Flat Rate

You can have different flat rate options that each cost a different amount. By default, two options of $6.50 and $12 are available for you to pick from.

For each flat rate option, you want available to choose from, please include an amount in the message section.

Local Delivery

We do not allow, at this time, the ability to provide multiple shipping methods for a product. You have to select a single shipping method. If you select local delivery (free or $5.00), you will have to deliver the product to the customer. If you would like a custom amount for local delivery such as $3.50 or $6.00, please check local delivery below and include the amounts in the message section.

Variable Delivery

Local delivery, flat rate shipping, included shipping and local pickup may not fit for your business. If you have custom shipping calculations, please select variable shipping option below. Include details about how you want the shipping calculated. You can have a flat fee plus a percentage, base it on quantity, percentage only, percentage based on tag or category name or set a minimum charge unless a specific amount is spent. Other variables and options exist for variable shipping.

While you can be creative in how shipping is calculated, we recommend keeping it as simple as possible. If you need custom shipping added but don’t know exactly what will work for you, send a message below with what you know and ask us to contact you. We will work with you to get shipping set up that works for your business. The best part is we do this for local vendors at no charge. Our 1/2 percent fee on each item sold covers our support of vendors.